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Survey: One-third of Drivers clean their cars once a year

In a survey of 1,000 drivers conducted by CarRentals.com to see how often people actually vacuum and sanitize the inside of their vehicles, the findings were pretty scary. A shocking 32% of drivers rarely clean out the inside of their vehicle — doing so only once a year. Another 12% responded that they never even clean the inside of their car.

Roughly half the drivers surveyed neglect cleaning their car on a regular basis. But just how dirty does that make the average car? That is the number of colonyforming units (CFU), the average amount of bacteria per square centimeter. They found that the average steering wheel – at 629 CFU per square centimeter – was far dirtier than some of the most frequently touched spaces, including:

Six times dirtier than an average cell phone screen at 100 CFU.

Four times dirtier than a public toilet seat at 172 CFU.

Two times dirtier than public elevator buttons at 313 CFU.

We hear opportunity knocking!

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