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Using the Full Potential of the IQ Car Wash

The full potential of an IQ In Bay Automatic Car Wash System can be realized simply by adding broadband internet access and a standard desktop computer to the control room of your car wash. Using these communication tools, you can take advantage of the IQ's Email Notification and Remote Access functionalities to maximize uptime and [...]

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Checklist for Car Wash Operators

Keeping your car wash attractive, well lit, and all equipment working properly is imperative to your success. Following are a few important tips: Keep the air compressor tank drained each week. Pick up trash and wash bay every day. Test the car wash every morning for proper operation. Keep bay lights in good working order. [...]

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How to Remove & Install Car Wash Decals

As a dealership, offering free car washes to today's savvy customers is just good business. It shows you value their car and want to help them protect their investment. It's important to maintain a clean, bright wash bay for your customers' use, including replacing machine and sign decals when they become faded, worn, or damaged. [...]

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Good Quality Water Delivers a Cleaner Car Wash

Poor water quality can be the primary issue when cars aren’t being cleaned properly at the car wash. Here are some things to consider. Because of its lower mineral content, reverse osmosis (RO) water is often used in car washes during the final vehicle rinse to prevent water spotting on the vehicle. RO water also [...]

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IQ Car Wash Fleet Surpasses 2 Million Wash Mark!

Our Smarter. Cleaner. Greener.™ IQ Car Wash fleet recently reached - and surpassed - its 2 millionth wash! Since 2010, our 3D vehicle-scanning technology and simple design have proven to be reliable and effective for car wash owners, convenience store chains, and auto dealerships alike. They know the IQ Car Wash provides a high quality [...]

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