Using the Full Potential of the IQ Car Wash

IQ Computer Scan profiles

The full potential of an IQ In Bay Automatic Car Wash System can be realized simply by adding broadband internet access and a standard desktop computer to the control room of your car wash. Using these communication tools, you can take advantage of the IQ’s Email Notification and Remote Access functionalities to maximize uptime and minimize costly troubleshooting time.

Each morning your IQ will send out a wash count email to inform you know how many washes were performed the previous day as well as the total washes performed since its activation date.

In the event your IQ Car Wash experiences a shutdown fault, it will automatically send you, everyone you designate, and a D&S representative an email to ensure the fastest possible response time.

Remote Access allows you and everyone you designate to remotely access, monitor, and control all features of the IQ Car Wash from your web browser – the same as can be done on site in person. This includes:

  • Manually activating all functions of the wash, including remote wash reset
  • Troubleshooting the machine variable frequency drives
  • Viewing the entire fault and anomaly history
  • Modifying wash parameters and recipes

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