Keep Your Car Wash Running Smoothly

//Keep Your Car Wash Running Smoothly

Keep Your Car Wash Running Smoothly

Car_wash_running_smoothlyPerform your summer seasonal maintenance to keep your car wash running smoothly and offering your customer a top-notch wash experience during this busy time of year. Here are a few “hot” tips in our Mid-Summer Maintenance Checklist from the D&S Tech Center to ensure your car wash provides a great wash every time.

It’s Time to Clean the Bays
Dirty walls look unsightly and are a turn-off to regular customers. With surface dirt on the walls in a damp environment, you have the perfect starting point for mold and mildew. Clean the stalls with an approved cleaning agent for your type of wall surface. Most of these cleaning agents are acid-based and are available from your car wash chemical supplier. Klean Wall, Aluminate and Brick Renew are some popular products just to name a few. Due to the acid content in these products, please remember to always wear long pants, gloves, goggles, and a respirator if required for your safety. Always read and follow all label directions.

Smelly Bays are the Pits
If your bays and retention pits are starting to smell more like a locker room than a car wash, try this simple cure. Purchase an economical brand of chlorine bleach and pour 1/4 Gallon into each drain or pit as needed to help eliminate the odor. Also fill a pump sprayer with (50/50 water and bleach mixture), and spray the base of the bay walls with extra attention given to the corners. High-pressure rinse the bleached areas after the application has been applied

Summertime is Face Lift Time
Warmer summer temperatures create the ideal environment for changing out machine graphics and decals. The vinyl graphics and decals on all of your machinery, vacuums, walls, and signs are most pliable in hot weather, so take a look around your wash for any cracked, scuffed, damaged, or missing graphics and replace them now. Contact D&S for assistance on how to remove and apply vinyl self-adhesive graphics.

Monitor Equipment Room Temperatures
When summer ambient temperatures soar, equipment room temperatures do too. Add in heat BTUs generated by equipment such as compressors and electric motors and you have a recipe for chemistry failure. Some premixed solutions can turn to gel if temperatures rise too high. Make sure your equipment room remains well ventilated and monitored throughout the summer.