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D&S Producing Tech Tip Videos In an effort to help minimize those off hour emergencies that we all know and love, D&S has undergone an effort to create and make available a series of video tutorials on various topics.  This will be a sustained effort and feedback is greatly appreciated!  The latest video is a short tutorial [...]

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IQ System now has On Board Bug Off

On Board Bug-Off brings major enhancement to IQ 2.0 System We are pleased to announce the implementation of a significant operational improvement to the IQ Soft Touch and Touch Free Systems' Bug Off application. The new On Board Bug Off (OBO) replaces the current floor-mounted applicator, and provides a host of benefits to the car [...]

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IQ Chemical Pump Issue

Summary A recent increase in IQ chemical pump running dry and burning up. Background D&S has recently seen an increase in tech calls and returns related to IQ chemical pump failures.  The failures have been linked to the RO tanks at these locations running dry during either high operation days or when an inlet [...]

2018-08-30T13:43:18+00:00April 17th, 2018|Tech Tip Center|

Wiring Basics

Car wash owner/operator duties often include that of a "service technician" as well. When tackling electrical issues, always remember these basic steps: Disconnect breaker before beginning any service. When unplugging a wire, cable, or connector, label it and the contact before it is disconnected so you know where to reconnect. Take a picture of the [...]

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Stopping the NonStop Vac

A common problem that most car wash owners will eventually encounter is with vacuums that won't shut off. The nonstop vac problem will always be one of two possibilities: 1) The timer is bad or malfunctioning, or 2) The mercury contactor is bad To discover which part is bad, test for voltage with a VOM [...]

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Titration & Flow Testing

What You Don't Know Could Cost You Professional car washing today is a scientifically driven process using precision chemistry and wash programs designed to deliver consistent results day after day, through season after season. Thus, it is critically important to measure the effectiveness of your chemicals through regular titration and flow testing. Titration Titration is [...]

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Routine HydroMinder Maintenance

A HydroMinder is the efficient gatekeeper of liquid chemical concentrates for a car wash. It allows you to have a reservoir of accurately mixed solutions ready to go without having to pay too much attention to it. A quality HydroMinder helps reduce labor costs by eliminating manually measuring and mixing chemical concentrates. The HydroMinder is also more [...]

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Bill Validator Maintenance

Bill Validators require preventive maintenance to keep them performing properly. The bill path can become contaminated from dirty bills, dust, moisture, or other foreign matter. It is recommended to clean your validators periodically, depending on the amount of use or the type of environmental exposure. Magnetic-sensing Bill Validators need to be cleaned more often than non-magnetic. Use a soft cloth moistened [...]

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