Routine HydroMinder Maintenance

//Routine HydroMinder Maintenance

Routine HydroMinder Maintenance

A HydroMinder is the efficient gatekeeper of liquid chemical concentrates for a car wash. It allows you to have a reservoir of accurately mixed solutions ready to go without having to pay too much attention to it.

A quality HydroMinder helps reduce labor costs by eliminating manually measuring and mixing chemical concentrates. The HydroMinder is also more accurate than manual measuring, which can result in a mixture that is too strong or weak.

Dependable HydroMinders are useful and relatively inexpensive pieces of equipment that no car wash can survive without. So be sure to include the HydroMinder in your routine maintenance checklist.

In hard water areas, scale may build up at the discharge of the HydroMinder eductor, affecting its accuracy and efficiency.

Remove or clean by soaking the eductor in a descaling solution or by running the descaling solution through the system. Be sure to flush thoroughly with water before placing back in service.

Download the Care and Maintenance Instructions for the Model 506 HydroMinder

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