IQ System now has On Board Bug Off

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IQ System now has On Board Bug Off

On Board Bug-Off brings major enhancement to IQ 2.0 System

We are pleased to announce the implementation of a significant operational improvement to the IQ Soft Touch and Touch Free Systems’ Bug Off application. The new On Board Bug Off (OBO) replaces the current floor-mounted applicator, and provides a host of benefits to the car wash operator and their customers.


Current Floor Mount Bug-OFF

Depending on geographic location and season, one of the most popular car wash upgrade selections is a Bug Off option, making it a vital equipment feature for most IBA’s. Until now, the IQ Bug Off system entailed a floor-mounted metal tube and spray nozzle apparatus with independent chemical delivery line on or below the floor surface. This method got the job done, but with a few obvious shortcomings, including: susceptibility to damage, visual detraction, and install cost and complexity.

Benefits of On Board Bug-Off

The new OBO is inconspicuously integrated to the IQ machine, offering these very tangible improvements:

  1. Eliminates need for floor mounting of chemical lines, applicator and nozzles and brackets
  2. Enhances visual appearance of bay
  3. Provides superior targeted application of Bug Off chemical to appropriate vehicle areas
  4. Applies chemicals to dry vehicle before any other application, which provides superior results

New On Board Bug-Off

Availability of On Board Bug-Off

The new On Board Bug Off will be included in all IQ Genius Series Orders deposited after September 1, 2018.  To give current IQ owners the opportunity to upgrade to the OBO, we have developed the OBO Kit containing all the necessary components and installation instructions to modify their machine.  Your local D&S Distributor will be happy to assist you with ordering and installing the On Board Bug-Off Kit.

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