Get Ready for Spring! Daylight Savings Time Check List

Here’s a handy spring car wash check list to help pull your car wash out of the winter “doldrums” and prepare properly to keep your customers happy during the warmer (and busier!) Spring/Summer season.

Check/Reset Clocks and Timers
Equipment Using Date & Time
Timers for On Site Lighting
• Parking Lot
• Bay Lighting
• Illuminated Equipment (Vendors, Vacuums, etc)

Check Fire and Theft Prevention Equipment
Fire Extinguishers
Smoke Detectors
CO2 Detectors
Security Alarms

Check Batteries on Emergency Exit Signs and Emergency Lighting

Clean or Replace Air Filters
HVAC Systems
Air Compressors

Check, Inspect and Replenish On-site First Aid Kit and Equipment

Check Hoses in the Attic and Bays for Wear and Winter Damage

Check RO and Water Softeners Filters and Membranes

Drain, Flush and Inspect Water Heater Tanks and Elements

Check and Top Off Hydraulic Tanks

Dispose of Empty Chemical Containers from the Winter

Clean and Inspect Building Gutters and Drains