It’s Time to Winterize Your Car Wash!

Car Wash RV Truck and Self Serve FeatureBrrrr! Outside temps are already plunging as fall heralds the deep freeze that winter will bring. Be sure your car wash system stays in top notch condition during the winter months by putting these important system checks, courtesy of our friends at Car Wash Boilers, Inc., at the top of your “to do” list!

  • Inspect and test all units and water heaters.
  • Check fluid levels.
  • Check glycol – change if needed.
  • Check system pressure – pressure test.
  • Check for leaks and valve functionality.
  • Inspect boilers and burners.
  • Make sure burners are clean and clear.
  • Check heat exchangers and scale build-up in tubing.
  • Do a combustion analysis.
  • Check all piping and exhaust emissions.
  • Look over your control system, electronics and connections.
  • Check de-icing system and set points.
  • Make sure manifolds are functioning properly.
  • Check your zone pumps for efficient operation.
  • Evaluate your gas and electric output/costs.

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