Maintaining Car Wash Blow Dryers

Car Wash Dryer MaintenanceCar wash maintenance should include checking your blow dryers and their motors on a regular basis to keep them performing at optimum levels.
  • Stress Cracks:  Visually inspect each motor and fan, and look for visible stress cracks in impellers.
  • Intake Screen:  The intake screen also needs to be checked and cleaned as needed.
  • Impeller Rotation:  Verify the correct rotation of the direction of the impeller. The blower will move approximately 50% less air when the impeller is running backward, plus it will draw excessive amp load.
  • Greasing:  Dryer motors need to be greased annually, so you may want to add this to your annual maintenance checklist.
  • Motor Starter:  We also recommend checking the motor starter overload relay and fuses, if applicable. Verify that the control voltage is correct for the magnetic starter coil.
  • Single Phasing:  If the motor makes a buzzing noise and runs slowly, it may be single phasing.
For more information about proper dryer maintenance, or if you are having a problem, contact D&S for the name of your Authorized D&S Distributor.