Mid-Winter Car Wash Tips

With winter in full swing in the Northern hemisphere, here are a few tips to keep your car wash equipment and chemicals performing optimally during the cold winter months.
  • Check the functionality of all cold weather related equipment and systems, including:
    • Bay and equipment room heaters
    • Floor heat and related equipment
    • Automatic bay doors
    • Weep systems
    • Blowdown systems
    • Hydraulic tank  heaters
    • Meter heaters
  • Ensure the above items turn on when they are suppose to:
    • Verify temperature set points
    • Use a thermometer to check the sensors/thermostats are reacting properly
  • Verify that temperature sensors/thermostats are located in a reasonable location for their purpose. Test these systems by raising the set point temperature to ensure they activate as they should.
    • Not in the warmest part of the bay
    • Not in direct sunlight
    • Not near a heat source such as a bay heater
  • Keep salt or ice melter on hand to spread on walk ways to prevent slips and falls. Ensure you have visible signage warning of the possibilities of ice.
  • If an equipment freeze condition is suspected, DO NOT attempt to operate the equipment,doing so may cause additional damage. Wait until the equipment’s temperature is raised to above freezing and has been given time to thaw out. Once thawed, test operate the equipment under close observation. Watch and listen to the equipment operate. Hoses, tubing, valves, and nozzles are all at risk of failure from a freeze up condition. Pay close attention to leaks, blockages, and improper operation.
  • Ensure you are using “winter formula” for chemicals that are not in a climate controlled environment. Examples include the shampoo and fragrance chemicals used by detail vacuums.